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Brie Ripley began working as the Social Media Producer for Seattle’s leading NPR station KUOW in February 2018.
Much of her responsibility consists of amplifying the work of her colleagues across Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.
Other duties draw on her multi-platform production chops to facilitate audience engagement, and she regularly directs short videos, creates GIFs,
designs graphic quote cards, and live tweets. She is the winner of the 2018 KCRW #RadioRace Social Butterfly Award for best use of social media.



Facebook is its own sandbox with its own rules – and it’s perpetually changing. Keeping up with what’s available for page owners and marketers is essential to understanding how to direct web traffic and orchestrate meaningful engagement. Brie Ripley has a proven her worth doing just that for multiple NPR stations. Moreover, she has directed and edited original videos exclusively for the platform in addition to engineering Facebook Live events.


Stats: 55k + reach, <13.5k audiogram views

stats: 35k + reach, <5.5k views


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A staff writer with the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard was impressed with Brie Ripley’s innovative approach in using Instagram stories to facilitate audience engagement.