Robert reich (2015)

THE NATION magazine (2015)


cortona cafe (2015)

i filmed hundreds of videos for an art non-profit's media library.

i now take on video clients on a case by case basis. my latest- 
a democratic  congressional candidate,
and my earliest-
the author of political animals: how our stone-age brain gets in the way of smart politics.

sometimes, i also make videos 

My first job out of college at an enormous arts non-profit in seattle had me shooting and producing 3-5 videos per week. 

i engineered livestreams, operated wall-mounted cameras from a computer, and swiveled tripods with ease...

...after many, many months of humbling and, at times,
totally humiliating
trial and error.


Eunice Nahon (2016)

Rick Shenkman (2016)

Anne-Marie Slaughter (2015)